Learn. Demand Action.

I wanted to share this article and some key points, I know I say over and over.

  • Autism is defined as a disability people as in disabled. As in not able to lead a typically healthy independent life and for some people it comes with comorbid conditions of complete suffering.
  • It is insulting to call it AUsome people please stop doing that. Learn.
  • Demand action. Fight for quality adult programs and residential facilities so that your children will in their future not be overwhelmed by the burden of what to do with all these kids with autism quickly becoming adults with autism. 1 in 36 are the new numbers.
  • 1 in 36 are the new numbers.



Kevin and Avonte’s Law Has Passed.

Repost from National Autism Association

Kevin and Avonte’s Law has passed and will help save lives in the autism community and beyond. To all of those through the years who made phone calls, wrote letters, and advocated for police training, wandering prevention programs, and protecting the lives of those with developmental disabilities, we thank you!

We’re incredibly grateful to Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Thom Tillis, Congressman Chris Smith, US Congresswoman Maxine Waters for your leadership on this critical piece of legislation. To the staffers who worked nights, weekends, around the clock to get this bill passed, we are so thankful for you!

Kevin & Avonte’s Law Has Passed


Autism Awareness is Nothing to “Celebrate.”

This is why autism is not to be “celebrated”. It is not AUsome. That whole phrase is overused by well-meaning providers but offensive to us parents. Do NOT buy into the light it up blue propaganda we are all about to be fed next month during April autism “awareness” month.

The death rates rise for our most vulnerable in this country yet no alarms sound, no outrage over the deaths, because publicizing autism means the begging question, where on earth did all these children with autism come from? 

Autism spectrum disorder is a disability few properly understand, children who look “normal” but are far from typical, don’t draw attention and yet they find water or danger so easily. 

These children (and adults too) are not always aware of danger, parents are hyper-vigilant every moment of every day. I know because we have been and are still super stressed and vigilant for our son Tyler who at age 15 goes to a small private therapy school and we now can reason with him but he is easily distracted and can never be left unattended, this is Autism for millions.