Autism Rescue Angels is a non-profit providing financial assistance to autism families in the Houston area for medical, therapeutic or respite needs and to provide funding for programs benefitting those with autism spectrum disorder.

April 2016 

April is Autism Awareness Month, and we have been honored with many events being held to raise funds for ARA.  Many thanks to Maria Gorosito-Gonzales, Sarah Chauvin, Nikki Thomason, Stacey Merchant, Luke Bohreer, Ann Reardon, Paige Seimers and the students at Beckendorff Junior High School in Katy, and Mia Gradney and Deborah Duncan at KHOU!!  You all rock our world!!

Great Day Houston!

Lisa and Penny were privileged to be on Great Day Houston, and had a wonderful conversation with Deborah Duncan about autism and its effects on families.

Watch it here!

Elaine Turner, you rock!  Thank you for creating the gorgeous Angel Wing Charm.  You truly embody Glamorous Giving.  15% of Southern Charm Bar sales both online and in stores will be donated to Autism Rescue Angels through September 2016.

Click here to order the charm on!

Did you know?

 Autism affects
one out of every
8 people.