Family Testimonials

Elena Travassos and her children.

“We are a family of four and we have two children on the autism spectrum. We have been struggling financially for about three years, but this year has been the hardest due to accumulating bills over the last six years, medical treatments and special diets for two children.

The state also cut out children’s disability payments, which used to help pay the mortgage. I am not able to work due to the severity of my children’s disability, juggling special therapies during the school day, always needing to be available for my children, not having any family close by or being able to pay for babysitters.

Autism Rescue Angels has been a real blessing to us and saved us in dire time of need. We are forever grateful to our angels. We cannot thank you enough.”

– Elena Travassos


Due to the complexity of our son’s autism and seizure disorder, he requires so many things.  None of which are covered by insurance.  So each paycheck we fight that same battle of so much of it going to those things, leaving little to nothing to save for his future care, to still pay for these things after retirement.  It’s a never-ending burden and so when someone comes along and says, “Here, let me cover this month’s autism expenses” — you just have no idea.  No idea how it feels to just for a moment, have that burden lifted.  I am in tears writing this, mainly because there is no way I could put in to words this emotion.
When we received the financial assistance from Autism Rescue Angels, it was such a blessing.
Thank you.  Thank you so very much.

– Todd and Michelle Guppy

Autism Rescue Angels has given us HOPE. My son is now receiving care we could not begin to afford before this amazing non profit came into our lives. We are unbelievably grateful!

– Holly Smith