I had so many autism moms of younger kids send me this after they saw my post that I took Tyler out for lemonade frozen ice in Fulshear by myself Saturday night. They know Tyler is 225 pounds 5’10” now and even after years of therapy still on the low to moderate end of the autism spectrum. For those that asked how, years and years of 14 hour therapy days and we are still not done.

This mom in this video says what all of us are afraid of when they are little. What happens when they are bigger than me and have a meltdown in public? And the real question that keeps us up at night, what happens when I am gone who will take care of him?

This mom says this (and more) so eloquently I wanted to share her post. There are many “lasts” for parents as they go through the seasons of raising kids – only other special needs parents get the “last” time you really thought this will be ok.