A Personal Trainer for Kids and Adults with ASD.

This article offers a look at the wonderful work Eric Chessen is doing at Autism Fitness. Eric is a personal trainer for kids and adults with Autism. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an affordable program like this in the Houston Area? Wouldn’t it be even more wonderful if a grant from a fitness foundation helped to offset costs? I am just putting it out there… Take a look at the story here.


Young & Old, Autistic Individuals Have Nowhere To Go

Adolescents and young adults with severe autism may still have the mental age of a child, and short-term care to stabilize those in crisis who are nonverbal or combative is practically nonexistent. Longer-term care can be almost as hard to find. It must be highly specialized, usually involving intensive behavioral therapy; someone with severe autism gets little benefit from traditional psychiatric services.

Christina Jewett’s article has all good points, but this too stands true for adults with Autism. Many people with autism have serious comorbid conditions. Autism is not just mental health it is medical – a whole body disability.

Read Kaiser Health News’ full article here.