Learn. Demand Action.

I wanted to share this article and some key points, I know I say over and over.

  • Autism is defined as a disability people as in disabled. As in not able to lead a typically healthy independent life and for some people it comes with comorbid conditions of complete suffering.
  • It is insulting to call it AUsome people please stop doing that. Learn.
  • Demand action. Fight for quality adult programs and residential facilities so that your children will in their future not be overwhelmed by the burden of what to do with all these kids with autism quickly becoming adults with autism. 1 in 36 are the new numbers.
  • 1 in 36 are the new numbers.



World Autism Day

So here we are again. World Autism Day.

Not sure what that means anymore – when Tyler was diagnosed in 2004 the t-shirt I was given at my first “support walk” said 1 in 150 on the back.

What are we going to do when it is 1 in 2? Who will take care of this next generation with so many sick kids- let’s not forget diabetes, cancer, etc… is out there as well debilitating our children. Has to be environmental factors doing this. Genetic epidemics do not happen so, more than awareness, let’s get busy helping this next generation of children who will need care long after their parents are gone.